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Beach Wedding Planning Tips

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How to Plan Fantastic Ocean Isle Beach Weddings

Getting married is a magical time in anyone’s life. Ocean Isle Beach weddings can offer a beautiful and romantic setting, plus much more to make your dream day truly dreamy!

As you may or may not know planning an beach wedding isn’t an easy task so this web site is here to offer some great tips and ideas to get you started on the right path.

So, let’s get started right away and discover how to plan Ocean Isle Beach weddings on any budget easily.

Our top tips to get you started:

**Choose your Ocean Isle Beach location hotel or resort and come up with your budget. You need a place and an amount to make future decisions and get the ball rolling.

**Work with an experiences Event Coordinator who knows the local beach rules and regulations, and set a date so that a specific area of the beach is just for you. Nothing like sunbathers or other beach folks hanging out and walking by as you say your vows. An Event Coordinator also who knows the area and local vendors that will be a must for your dream beach weddings. The price you’ll pay may be completely worth it in savings elsewhere and headaches.

**Advise friends and family about the wedding so they have time to plan accordingly. One tip is to ask for wedding and honeymoon packages and discounts when booking your accommodations.

**Finally, choose a theme and honeymoon destination. Sometimes its a great idea to plan to honeymoon right at the property where you get married. As for themes, let’s discuss a few fun ones below!

** Ocean Isle Beach Weddings theme ideas – these are our favorites, so this list is by no means all-inclusive:

**Do anything around what you both love. I’ve seen some crazy themes, but it made both the bride and groom happy.

**You could do boat themes, nautical themes, and other themes that go along with the beach. You’re in the perfect setting for it.

**Do a casual beach party theme. Have everyone wear sandals, sun dresses, and other fun, relaxing stuff. Do the party right there and just let loose. It doesn’t have to black ties just to be a great and classy wedding.

**You could do Caribbean-style, Hawaiian-style, or other creative style. Have fun with it and keep it simple.

**Finally, you could do a classy wedding right on the beach. The setting may be different than a church, but you could still do the classical black ties and wedding dresses around the gorgeous Ocean Isle Beach setting.

**When it comes to wedding, the couples are apt to move around to welcome their friends and relative, walk along the shores and go dancing and partying. The comfort of the footwear they choose for the occasion is very important. Men need to avoid wearing leather shoes and cover-ups, instead choose a sandal or a slip-on and women choose to wear simple slip-ons or flip-flops. Comfortable beach wedding shoes are a very important part of a beach wedding. One thing to always bear in mind is get a slip-on that is made of easy-drying material like satin or any synthetic and do not make your foot stuck with the sand.

Remember to be creative and have some fun planning your Ocean Isle Beach wedding. It is a magical day and Ocean Isle Beach offers a perfect place for this type of event.

Again, this is only a start to get the ball rolling on planning the wedding. There are many details you’ll want to go through even for the simplest weddings. We hope this helps get the mind running as you get ready for the big day!

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